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Mosswalls: forest pole and flat moss as well as caledonia moos

Investment: Education and Recreation Center in Marki
City: Warsaw, Marki
Zone: representative and communication area
Year: September 2019
Area: 76m2

Green walls and moss paintings fit perfectly into modern interiors. The solutions we use, which resemble and allude to nature, are very popular because of their zero-maintenance, among others. This time around we made decorative moss panels for the Marecki Educational and Recreational Centre in Marki.

The first of the compositions made of forest pole moss and flat forest moss in the ratio 1:1 was mounted in the display cabinet, illuminated with LED strips. The display cabinet is located opposite one of the entrances to the building. The layout of the pole moss is organic, resembling the natural one. The arrangement perfectly accentuates the interior.

The remaining panels made from Cladonia moss were mounted in the same space. Owing to their location within the communication route along the corridor, they were executed on a special, non-flammable MDF base.  The light and dark green panels were laid out alternately, in a geometric and coherent arrangement. The moss greenery enlivened the white walls perfectly and gave the space an energetic feel. 

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