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Stabilized moss walls - Topaz Lunch & Coffee

Investment: Topaz Lunch & Coffee
City: Warszawa
Zone: catering sector
Year: October 2016
Area: 10m2

We designed green moss walls for Warsaw restaurant Topaz Luch & Coffee. The client wanted to introduce nature into the interior. In a space limited by furniture and traffic, we proposed stabilised moss walls, which proved to be a great and novel solution.

We decided on a solution made of stabilised moss because vegetation in a place with heavy traffic might not work and be exposed to mechanical damage. During the preparation of the tuft arrangement composition against the background of flat forest moss in the ratio 50:50, we tried to maintain a smooth and approximate organic shape. The tufts were arranged in patches, which along with the flat moss alternately permeate to form an interesting pattern.

The moss panels were located at several points above the seats, in the most representative places of the hall, to highlight them. They create characteristic points where everyone can meet and relax. Moss walls enliven the space, give freshness and bring it closer to nature. Green moss blends perfectly with the colour of the interior, i.e. a warm wood colour softened with the grey tone of the floor. 

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