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A wall of living plants in the lecture hall

Company: PROIMPLANT Dental Clinic
City: Warsaw
Area: lecture hall
Completion date: June 2019
Space: 5,02 m2

The lush and attractive greenery embellishing the representative wall in the lecture hall at a private client's premises was designed in the style of a natural thicket.  Greenery in such rooms stimulates creative thinking while helping the listener to stay calm and focus. 

The entire height of the vertical garden has been marked by shades of deep green, which do not distort the room's harmony and do not cause excessive distraction. In the arrangement, we introduced subdued colourful species, such as Philodendron Scandens, Epipremnum Aureum, Epipremnum NJoy variety, Monstera and Chlorophytum.

Assimilation lighting in the form of ceiling-mounted LED spotlights with specially selected parameters emphasizes the three-dimensional effect and guarantees optimal development conditions for the plants. The composition of the plants itself is harmonious and fits perfectly into the warm surroundings of the room. 

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