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Green wall in the subscription model and moss panel

Company: Herbalife
Zone: common and representative
City: Warsaw
Completion date: 2019
Area: green wall 5.51m2 + reindeer moss 6.72m2

The mission of Herbalife, which is a global company,  is focused on taking care of a healthy lifestyle which can also be noticed in the arrangement of the Warsaw office. Our first green wall in the subscription model has been installed just in the Herbalife headquarters; moreover, a reindeer moss panel presenting the company logo is placed at the office entrance. 

The vertical garden itself is almost 2 metres wide and reaches up to the ceiling. The unique composition of 120 plants, including two varieties of philodendron, maranta, epipremnum aureum and monstera, covers a total area of 5.51 m2. A green wall with an automatic irrigation and control system is placed in the corner of the common zone, right next to the glass partition wall. The vertical garden neatly completes the bright space, also thanks to the components blending into the environment - the housing of the plant panel sides, lamps on the rail and the tank are in neutral white. A green wall made of grass green light reindeer moss with an illuminated Herbalife Nutrition inscription deserves special attention. Thanks to the uniform green surface the logo presents well and corresponds to the brand  philosophy, which makes it an interesting modern flagship of the company.

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