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Vertical garden in the oldest Warsaw high school

Place: The 9th Klementyna Hoffmanowa High School
City: Warsaw
Completion date: September 2019
Zone: reading room/ relaxation zone
Area: 6.58m2

The 9th Klementyna Hoffmanowa High School is the oldest high school in Warsaw. However, the school with almost 150 years of tradition is not afraid of innovative solutions. On the contrary, it responds to new trends such as biophilic design, as evidenced by placing an impressive green wall of made live plants in the building. The vertical garden climbs to a height of 279 cm and covers a total area of over 6.5 m2. 

A peaceful corner of the educational institution turned green with different species of plants - the living thicket of nearly 150 specimens consists of, among others, N'Joy' epipremnum, monstera deliciosa, anthurium and maranta. The automatic irrigation system in a closed circuit facilitates plant maintenance, while the white housing and four spotlights on the busbar of the same colour blend into the bright space of the relaxation zone. The whole is an eye-catching and functional system, in the company of which high school students can gather their thoughts, calm nerves and gain strength for even more effective learning. 

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