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Longitudinal green wall in the Warsaw development office

Company: LW Development
City: Warsaw
Zone: office


We are pleased to present one of our latest projects, this time for the development company LW Development. This is another Warsaw office that has decided to use our system greenery in the subscription option.

We wanted to arrange some free space in a connecting room, located directly near the passageway. So we prepared a design of a vertical garden in a narrow and longitudinal shape (80.2 x 279 cm), which allowed to cover the undeveloped piece of the wall. 48 plants were placed on a total area of 2.24 m2. The arrangement is mainly made of philodendron scandens, epipremnum aureum and spathiphyllum with white flowers; we also applied miniature monstera, fatsia japonica and anthurium andraeanum, four exotic specimens each. The selection of plants with leaves in a diverse shape, texture and shade, interspersed here and there with white flowers, made a natural coherent effect. Lamps on the bases, housing of the plant panel sides and the tank are also white, which gives the impression that the vertical garden grows directly on the office wall.

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