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Vertical gardens with plants and moss at the Lufthansa headquarters

Company: Lufthansa
Zone: office
City: Warsaw


On request of Kinnarps, we prepared several plant projects for the Lufthansa headquarters in Warsaw. In total, three vertical gardens were installed there - two mobile projects made of live plants from the 4Nature Basic line and one wall-mounted panel made of stabilised moss. Thus, the office is now enriched with over 7m2 of vertical gardens.

As for the walls of live plants, the customer chose two twin projects, covered with an acoustic panel on the other side. The majority of both plant arrangements is made by different varieties of philodendron and epipremnum; in similar, but differently distributed compositions, there is also some space for chlorophytum comosum, blooming spathiphyllum and impressive aspidistra. The place of mobile gardens can be changed quite freely.

A wall-mounted panel made of stabilised reindeer lichen is the icing on the cake. The white matte Lufthansa logo stands out beautifully against the background of light green spring moss. We decided not to use the housing and finished the sides by lining them with moss. Thanks to this the reindeer moss  seems to grow straight out of the wall.

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