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Green wall in the open circulation for the Jeven company

Company: Jeven
City: Sady near Poznań
Zone: main hall


The green wall installed at the Jeven headquarters is one of the largest vertical projects. The vertical garden is over 5 metres high, covers a total of 20.21 m2 and contains over half a thousand plants. It covers the entire wall at the main entrance to the company right next to the stairs, connecting the two floors. Everyone who enters the office can immediately see this plant waterfall - thanks to this, it also has a representative function. The vertical garden is illuminated from the top by white lamps on the rail.

When creating the project, we mainly selected plants in darker shades of green - we took into account species such as philodendron scandens, ellen danica, golden epipremnum aureum, monstera deliciosa or chlorophytum. The priority in arranging the garden was to match the green wall to the layout of the stairs. Our modular system and the lush philodendrons coped with this task perfectly. 

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