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The Vertical Garden at Aion Bank in Brussels

Company: Aion Bank
City: Brussels, Belgium
Zone: open space / customer service area


Our vertical gardens can be also found abroad - the project in the photos is located in the centre of Brussels, in a branch of the Belgian bank Aion. The wall, actually two walls of vertical gardens are placed in the corner of the open space at the entrance to the bank, in the customer service area and next to the shared office table. Bank employees can enjoy the company of plants while working. The vertical garden is also visible from the ATMs area - thanks to this, it is also admired by customers visiting the branch.

The larger wall (on the left) and its smaller sister (on the right) cover a total area of over 8 square metres. As many as 220 plants are included on the vertical surface. The base of the garden consists of philodendrons (Scadens and Brasil) and three varieties of epipremnum (aureum, as well as N'Joy and Neon, which effectively brighten the corner composition). In addition, here and there the characteristic leaves of monstera minima and variegata spider plant appear, and in the upper part of both walls there is a clivia miniata which constitutes an optimistic orange accent. Between the top and the bottom of the construction, in a complementary plant environment, there is a wooden panel with an illuminated bank logo.

the vertical garden at aion bank in brussels

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