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Vertical garden in the classroom of the SGH

Company: Deloitte / SGH Warsaw School of Economics City: Warsaw
Zone: classroom


In February 2020, on request of the Deloitte company (representative of the SGH Partner Club), we implemented the project in the main building of the educational establishment in Warsaw. Classroom 212 has undergone a green metamorphosis thanks to the vertical garden with the closed circulation.

The almost square, nearly 2.8 m high wall is covered with nine different species of green ornamental plants (168 beautiful specimens in total). The base of the vertical garden is the philodendron (Scandens and Brasil) and the epipremnum (aurerum and N'Joy). Interesting accents are introduced by a silver aglaonema, a three-colour maranta with the claret bottom, a monstera deliciosa minima as well as long and thin white and green leaves of the spider plant. The composition of various species is arranged in irregular diagonal stripes. The whole is closed in a white housing; the plants are lit by small lamps on a busbar in the same neutral shade.

The vertical garden is accompanied by wooden tables with an irregular oval shape which are favourable for group work. In addition to the fact that the vertical garden is an element of the decoration, it also has a real impact on the well-being of students, stimulates creativity and concentration (which improves the quality of learning), and facilitates cleaning the air in the room.

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