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Moss wall with 3d elements

Company: AC Spółka Akcyjna
City: Białystok
Area: lobby (ground floor and first floor)


In May 2020, we prepared a proposal of a biophilic fit-out for AC Spółka Akcyjna. We installed a green 4Nature Moss wall in the lobby of the company's headquarters in Białystok. The installation is about 7 meters high and covers a total area of 27.68 m2 - extending from the building's ground floor to the first floor. We designed it from stabilised lichen, which does not require nursing - reindeer lichen (Cladonia rangiferina) in a vibrant, green shade of Grass Green.

The lichen itself has a fluffy, tufty texture and resembles small cushions; the vertical wall is additionally diversified by three-dimensional, slightly protruding circular bulges above the panel plane. The circular elements give the vertical installation a unique character. An area for a TV set is provided on the ground floor of the green wall, against a background of stabilised vegetation.

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