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Narrow green wall in a Warsaw office

Company: Rotko Smyk & Partners
City: Warsaw
Area: reception/waiting room


In autumn 2019, we designed a compact green wall, erected next to the reception desk in Rotko Smyk & Partners law firm in Warsaw. The vertical garden is relatively narrow - it rambles to a height of 2.4 m, and horizontally reaches a little over 1.5 m. In total, the lush, living vegetation occupies an area of 3.74 m2 and is a decoration that greets clients crossing the doorstep of the office.

The vertical garden with a natural arrangement of greenery houses 80 beautiful specimens - these are only decorative, fast-growing, climbing species (Philodendrons and Epipremnums). The juicy green heart-shaped leaves create a dense, floral composition with colourful, golden and white tones. The wood-like plates in the reception area, much like the counter itself, complement the biophilic decoration in the form of a vertical garden. By incorporating nature into the interior, the office provides a healthy, customer and employee-friendly space right from the entrance. The green wall with an automatic closed-circuit irrigation system is supported by assimilation lighting - three rail-mounted lamps are sufficient for this garden size.

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