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Vertical Garden with living plants in Good Time Day Spa

Company: Good Time Day Spa
Architect: HOLA Design
City: Poznań
Zone: relaxation/waiting room


Good Time Day Spa is a modern, cosy space in a historic villa in the centre of Poznan. The interior has been arranged to encourage guests to relax while positively influencing the well-being of employees. Such an effect was achieved through functional design, including the use of a biophilic element - a vertical garden made of living plants, visible from the reception desk.

The structure, which is placed in the waiting room, is nearly 2.8 meters high and houses 120 specimens. The black, steel shelves partition several relaxation zones where clients can relax in between treatments, while the vertical garden helps to soothe the senses. The 5.71 m2 of living greenery features several species of ornamental plants, including herbal plants and golden Epipremnum. The container and floodlights on the rail are designed in white, so the construction elements blend in with the surroundings. In addition to the vertical garden, the interior also contains potted plants, which are placed on sliding shelves.

Photos courtesy of Good Time Day Spa

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