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Living wall with vegetation in the day room

Owner: Anna Głuszko
Architect: Agnieszka Jassa Hola Design
City: Warsaw
Area: day room


In response to the expectations of a private client, we prepared a proposal of a living wall made of plants, with the primary objective of enlivening the interior. The effect was achieved using lush vegetation. Other than livening up the interior, it also introduces a pleasant microclimate.

The modular construction with automatic irrigation and control system was mounted on the wall separating the kitchen from the hallway. The vertical garden with assimilation lighting, which is adjacent to the furniture can be admired in full splendour from the living room - however, it embellishes the entire open day zone.

The client wanted the composition to be as varied as possible. To achieve a diversified effect, we selected plants with original shapes and varying leaf shades. The plants are characterized by long and thin leaves, tricolour Maranta, glossy, dark green and wavy calathea and speckled, silver-green Epipremnum. The appearance of the wall can be modified at any time by replacing the specimens with other plant species.

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