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Unusual green wall in an office in Warsaw

Green walls made of plants are ideal as a background for a TV screen and projection screen, both for informal and formal meeting places. We carried out such an implementation in 2016 in Warsaw. The biggest advantage of this solution is the positive effect of plants on relaxing the eyes and calming the mind during presentations displayed on a TV screen. We have managed to significantly improve the room acoustics, thanks to the 4Nature System panels (made of recycled plastic) and the amount of plants: 25 per 1 m2. In an atmosphere of relaxation, it is easier to collaborate, concentrate and be creative - all that is necessary to make business meetings run smoothly and creatively. Assimilation lighting, which is part of vertical gardens, strengthens plant development and emphasizes the diversity of colours and textures of plants. The whole works very well with the modern and spacious office interior.

unusual green wall in an office in warsaw

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