Plants in interiors soothe the senses and positively influence the
acoustics, quality and humidity of the air


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A vertical wall in the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Place: IHK Chamber of Commerce and Industry
City: Cottbus, Germany
Design studio: Kobel Architekten Schömberg & Chvosta
Zone: main hall/ reception desk


In cooperation with the Kobel Architekten design studio, we have arranged a reception zone at the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry. We have prepared a rectangular design of a vertical wall with a total of 168 live plants in a homogeneous composition. The investor wanted only greenery, without flowers, so we chose species of varied shape and colour of the leaves.

Visual contact with nature translates into improved well-being - this is intended to apply to both employees and guests visiting the IHK headquarters. Textures, patterns and the vivid colour of the leaves, as well as the natural arrangement of plants refer to the world of nature - greenery supports relaxation, but also stimulates creativity and allows to gain energy for action. This quantity of plants also translates into improved air quality in the interior. The green wall supports the maintenance of humidity at an optimal level, and some plants, including spider plant, support air purification and have anti-smog properties.


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