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We are a team of passionate people who believe in the beneficial influence of nature, supported by the latest technology, on man and his environment. We have many years of experience in complex implementation of green walls made of plants and mosses. Currently, apart from green walls, we are offering a modern line of vertical furniture with live plants, 4Nature Smart Green. Our products are valued for their high quality, reliability and individual approach. To date, we have completed over 3000 square meters of vertical gardens, both in Poland and abroad.

We develop our products together with the best specialists in the field of ergonomics, design and optimal plant cultivation. As a result of cooperation with the Institute of Industrial Design and the Institute of Horticulture we have created, the first of its kind in Poland, authorial system of modular vertical gardens 4Nature System, which is the basis of our green products.

Our mission is to bring nature closer to man with the help of advanced technology, reliable solutions and modern design. We firmly believe that by combining these elements we take care of well-being and influence health, work efficiency and life satisfaction, building an optimal work-life balance.

Since 2018, we are a member of Polish Green Building Council (PLGBC), the largest organisation promoting green building and sustainable development in Poland. In 2021, we joined the Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce (SPCC).

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