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Mobile green walls - the advantages of mobile office furniture

Mobile green walls - the advantages of mobile office furniture

One of the largest advantages of the 4Nature System, our modules with a built-in vertical garden, is their multi-variant nature. The available options include both stationary and wall-mounted constructions as well as mobile versions. What are the benefits of moving green walls from one place to another? Which values of mobile constructions made of live plants come to the forefront?


Maximum flexibility


Before we talk about the advantages of mobility, it is worth taking a closer look at the 4Nature System offer itself. In addition to classic green walls, made of modules that can be easily moved to another place, we also offer furniture with built-in plants. They are available in various options: as wall-mounted images of plants or free-standing, green walls (stationary or on wheels). The multitude of options allows to choose the solution that will best complement the arranged space. The choice does not end there: the offer includes one- and two-sided, one-, two- or three-column models and of various heights. Simple, design and, above all, functional constructions operate on the basis of the proprietary automatic irrigation and control system, which significantly facilitates plant care.

Regardless of the chosen option, the 4Nature System is always a good way to green the office. Our modular solution is flexible itself and assumes maximum adaptation to individual needs, however, 4Nature Basic mobile walls made of live plants are unrivalled in this respect; it is by far the most flexible of all the options available. Owing to the fact that the frame is on wheels, it is possible to easily move it from one place to another with no force and with no need to disassemble the entire wall. Thus, the office can be freely rearranged by changing the location of greenery and adapting it to the new layout of the other furniture. Mobile solutions are very conducive to such experiments, and a few minor changes are enough to give the interior a fresh look.


Free space separation in the open space


Open space offices have their supporters and opponents. The former appreciate them for better organisation of work, easier communication and improvement of team activities. The latter complain about noise, issues with focus and constant distraction by external factors. Fortunately, the above-mentioned obstacles can be easily reduced and even completely removed - it is enough to arrange the space well, e.g. with plants. This solution is supported by the fact that most open space offices are decorated in a minimalist, quite austere way; living greenery will bring fresh energy to such an interior and make it cosier.

Mobile furniture with a built-in vertical garden can be set according to current needs - preferably plants should remain within 2 metres of the employee (then the staff will be able to fully benefit from their beneficial impact). Importantly, sliding green walls are a great way to separate individual teams or even individual workstations from one another. Higher frames will provide the desired privacy, and additionally help suppress the excess of (both visual and acoustic) stimuli. Green furniture is not only a way to introduce nature into the interior, but also to increase the comfort of employees and create conditions for better focus and calming, and thus higher efficiency. It is especially valuable in the open space conducive to distraction.


Less waste, i.e. removal without unnecessary waste


Thanks to the patented 4Nature System modules and the automatic irrigation system, as well as regular maintenance visits, green walls filled with plants are an investment for a lot of years. Well-irrigated, regularly looked after specimens will show their gratitude with lush growth and a beautiful look. In the event of changing the office, it is possible to move green decorations (not only mobile walls, but also classic stationary walls) to a new location without any damage to plants, while in the case of installations that are difficult to disassemble, it would be quite a problem. Moreover, there is a possibility of reconfiguring 4Nature Basic furniture and entire green walls to make them better adapted to a new place.

One of the main ideas that guides us when creating new projects is the less waste concept. The mission of the 4Nature System is not only to offer smart solutions in the spirit of biophilic design, but also to care for the environment. Constructions with a built-in vertical garden are an ecological solution; they require minimal water and electricity consumption (thanks to automatic irrigation and LED assimilation lighting). Obviously, waste is not in line with our brand concept; therefore, in addition to the mobile projects, we also offer renting plants in the form of a subscription of the greenery to the office. The good of the planet above all!

Maximum flexibility in arranging an office, free separation of space in the open space in line with current needs, and finally the possibility of moving to another office in the spirit of less waste - these are the greatest advantages of our systems with live vegetation. Green walls and mobile furniture are an offer for anyone who appreciates multi-functional solutions and thoughtful innovative design.

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