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Discover the benefits of

Automatic irrigation

Moistened air

Improved acoustics


Reduces stress level

Improved efficiency

Improved work comfort

1. Specify the office/ space area in m2. This will allow us for more precise calculation of the right amount of plants.*

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We recommend:: 0 m2 of greenery to your space to increase air humidity by 10%.
More greenery, but not less than 5m2, can be added.


2. Select 4Nature BASIC from the list below and enter the quantity you are interested in*

ProductModelDimensionQuantity of plantsAmount of greenery in m2QuantityDownload
S3-8-2186x118x40963,842D 3D
S3-6-2147X118x40722,882D 3D
S2-8-2186x78x40642,562D 3D
S2-6-2147X78x40481,922D 3D

Quantity of plants:

Amount of greenery in m2:


3. Select the subscription package you are interested in*


4. Enter your company address*

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Frequently Asked Questions


As part of the monthly subscription fee, without the need to purchase, you receive access to ready-made solutions in the form of 4Nature BASIC vertical mobile walls. In addition, you receive technical support from our team. Depending on the package selected, you can have a call with our service technician for advice, a periodic review visit or the full care of our maintenance team along with regular maintenance visits to the greenery.

The offer is addressed mainly to administrators and managers of buildings and office spaces, HR departments of companies or studios offering fit-out projects, developers. We cooperate with architects of office and commercial interiors, architectural studios and people who decide on the interior design in offices. As part of the subscription offer, we provide services for facilities in Warsaw and within a radius of 30km from the centre.

As part of the subscription, you receive ready-made 4Nature BASIC vertical walls planted with vegetation, and more green plants in your surroundings make you and your employees feel better. Plants increase air humidity and quality which makes us feel better in their company. You also receive technical support or care for plants, depending on the package selected.

The subscription agreement is concluded for an indefinite period of time but you can unsubscribe at any time after a minimum of 3 months from the time you start using the subscription.

You can unsubscribe at any time. Just send us a completed termination form. The notice period is 1 full calendar month.

Please use the form below.