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Discover 4Nature Smart Green

3 cechy, które wyróżniają linię mebli 4Nature Smart Green

It is time to reveal subsequent cards related to our latest project. To date, the green collection of the 4Nature System consisted of living plant walls (4Nature Wall) and moss (4Nature Moss), as well as multi-purpose mobile and wall constructions with a built-in vertical garden (4Nature Basic). As you well know, shortly, a line of green furniture will be added to our offer; today we can finally disclose its name to you. We present 4Nature Smart Green!

“Green” - because furniture brings living vegetation into the interior.

“Smart” - because they are intelligently controlled and offer many options for modification.

Most of them can be used for additional storage (excluding modules with plants and pots, they can also be fitted with shelves and cabinets) as well as improve office acoustics with extra acoustic panels.

Since these are plant furniture, we have decided to name individual models after specific plant varieties. Recently we presented you with the N'Joy partition that derived its name from Epipremnum, which we willingly use in our arrangements. The 4Nature Smart Green line also includes the models Amstel King or Nitida (from ficuses), Compacta (from Dracaenas), Silver Queen (from aglaonema) or Minima (from monstera). Soon we will present them to you in their full splendour.

*The furniture line is developed as part of the project “Innovative furniture system for commercial spaces with a built-in vertical garden system”. The project is co-financed by the European Union with funds from the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Programme Smart Growth 2014-2020.

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