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La Beaute Clinique

  • Area: 4.94 m2

  • Investment: La Beaute Clinique - Murier

  • City: Warsaw

  • Year: August 2016

In August 2016, we completed a project of arranging the reception at the La Beaute Clinique aesthetic medicine clinic in Warsaw. For the arrangement of the vertical garden, we used shades of deep green, including extremely lush specimens of monsters. Species diversity has made it possible to achieve a natural irregularity and depth effect. The rectangular vertical system reaches from the floor to the ceiling itself, and the green contrasts clearly with the bright color of the walls, which beautifully enlivens the modern and elegant interior. The green wall was deliberately placed in front of the patient welcome zone to set the mood of the place from the entrance. Natural arrangement is a coherent element of visual communication of the aesthetic clinic, to which patients come in search of perfection. Isn’t nature the best reflection of it?

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