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Mobile and wall-mounted plant walls in the Ansee office

Company: Ansee Consulting
Zone: office
City: Wrocław
Area: 1.8 m2

With the aim of introducing some greenery to the Ansee Consulting office, we prepared an offer of two green walls made of live plants. Both rented furniture models from the 4Nature Basic line, wall-mounted and mobile, are one-sided and made of a total of 48 plants. This solution allowed to create a green office space and increase the comfort of work while saving valuable usable space. We focused on combining different species of philodendron and epipremnum aureum, thanks to which a multidimensional effect with several shades of green has been obtained. The wall-mounted picture made of plants is additionally decorated with an impressive, tricolour maranta variety with a purple underside of leaves and a bright orange pattern along its veins, which looks great against the office brick wall. Even in the space limited by furniture, owing to the suitably selected assimilation lighting, it was possible to display the plants properly.

Both wall models are made available to Ansee Consulting within a subscription with a warranty of monthly plant maintenance - the project presented in the photo is the first subscription of 4Nature Basic green walls in Wrocław.

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