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Green furniture in the Arriva

Company: Arriva Polska Sp. z o. o.
City: Warsaw
Zone: office
Completion date: March 2020
Area: 9m2

Five mobile pieces of green furniture on wheels were installed in the Arriva's office in Warsaw. Double-sided, vertical constructions with live plants can be easily moved from one place to another, making the space green or separating the selected space. A single frame consists of twelve 4Nature System modules, i.e. 48 plants; the Arriva's headquarters gained a total of 240 specimens and 9 m2 of greenery.

Philodendron (scadens and Brasil) plays a leading role in the arrangement; tricolour Maranta leuconera and Cissus danica with palmate leaves bring in some interesting accents. Pieces of the 4Nature Basic furniture have been joined together - three of them are separated by round tables and provide a sense of privacy, while the other two ones are placed in the corridor, directly at the photocopier, separating one of the office rooms. All additional elements - frames, water tanks and lamps that ensure optimal plant development - are in neutral black, making the greenery stand out.

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