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Plant Walls at Peter Nielsen & Partners Law Office

Company: Peter Nielsen & Partners Law Office
City: Warsaw
Zones: reception, office, chillout


The owners of the Warsaw law firm Peter Nielsen & Partners Law Office decided to green their office using several types of living plant walls. The Polish-Danish company opted for a modern, flexible solution in the spirit of less waste, i.e. renting structures with plants as a subscription.

Following the consultation and taking into account the size of the office and layout of the rooms, the client decided on three versions of 4Nature Basic. A one-sided hanging wall with a lamp housing 32 plants was installed at the reception desk, between the windows. A slightly larger, back-to-wall mounted structure for 48 plants with two assimilation lamps has been installed opposite the main entrance, on the wall next to the photocopier. In turn, the double-sided 4Nature Basic on wheels serves as a mobile partitioning wall and separates the chillout zone from other areas of the law firm, ensuring that relaxation in the vicinity of plants will be more effective. The rental of three constructions permitted the introduction of 144 plants (including philodendrons, epipremnum and cissus) into the office, which is equivalent to 5.4m2 of living greenery. Such an amount permits to test the impact of biophilic design on the work environment and employees' well-being.

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