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Seasonal green walls in the Pokój na lato

  • Investment: Warsaw Rising Museum

  • City: Warsaw

  • Year: May 2016

  • Area: 4 m2

The design of a green wall for the Warsaw Rising Museum, and to be precise for the neighbouring ?Pokój na lato? café constituted a very pleasant designing challenge for us. We made two seasonal walls of living plants that are located on both sides of the entrance to the cafe. On one of them a bird made of plywood was placed - a sign of the Warsaw cultural and recreational pavilion. On the next one, we mounted an inscription made of plywood "Pokój na lato" through which the plants burst.

In 2017 the cafe was a laureate of the 34th edition of the Warsaw in flowers competition in the category: Other forms of urban greenery. We are happy that plant murals are becoming popular and enter the interiors of cafes and restaurants to the delight of Warsaw residents.

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