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Biofilic Design - green walls arranged in a modern office

Biofilic Design - green walls arranged in a modern office

Biophilic design is already an arrangement standard for modern office spaces. Living vegetation is one of its pillars, wherein we treat the relationship between man and nature as a holistic concept. We don't just want to bring greenery into the office, but to co-create sustainable workplaces. Our approach to this is a green fit-out of the office, as part of the service "Subscription for Greenery".


How does it work?


We jointly choose a subscription plan tailored to your needs, create a design that fits the interior and is optimal for your budget. Greenery is introduced utilizing various furniture with built-in vertical vegetation from the 4Nature Basic line. The subscription plans are flexible and, depending on your needs and capabilities; you can freely reduce and increase it.

What if you want to reduce the number of green furniture or resign from it at all? We'll take them from you and find another home for them. It is a circular solution that reduces production and consequently, the number of raw materials and waste. The proprietary modules which are the basis of all our products are made of recycled plastic.

  • The advanced technology and comprehensive support of the automatic irrigation system ensure that the plants get the exact amount of water they need. Any surplus goes back to the tank and is used for the next cycle.
    In turn, the assimilation lighting used to illuminate the plants are energy-saving LED lamps. Furthermore, the welfare of the plants is taken care of by our specialized team that "manages" the greenery and as part of the monthly maintenance and technical services extends the life of the plants, to prevent their replacement, which is a frequent result of improper care.
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