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Cooperation - together we can do more


We firmly believe that plants have a beneficial effect on our mood and foster wellness. We also believe that plants make interiors more lively and beautiful. Our mission is to green up spaces where vegetation is particularly scarce – the nearest surroundings of working people. Our solution to an unfriendly work environment are vertical gardens that can turn offices into stylish, eco-friendly and harmonious space. Vertical gardens make employees feel more comfortable and relaxed in the workplace; plus, there’s the added benefit of cleaner air, reduced stress levels and more positive emotions. Still, we are aware that alone we cannot do as much as we can do together. That’s why we are on the lookout for reliable partners whose goals coincide with ours.


Who are we looking for?


What sectors are we most interested in? We are looking for partners among:

- office and commercial interior architects,

- architectural design studios (again: for office and commercial interiors),

- fit-out contractors, i.e. companies that transform commercial spaces into turnkey offices for tenants,

- property developers,

- building administrators and managers,

- HR Departments,

- individuals who are responsible for interior design of offices.


We cooperate with architects, representatives of architectural design studios that take on interior design projects and make use of walls made with living plants, moss and lichens. A partnership with will enable you to put into practice all your ideas associated with vertical gardens. You will be able to offer your clients end- to-end services – from an intriguing design to professional execution and ongoing maintenance on request.

Another potential group of partners are decision makers – people who are responsible for making decisions about implementation of vertical gardens in the office and commercial space. We are determined to expand our network of recipients – whatever sector they might work in. Both small and large businesses have people who care about the look and atmosphere in the workspace. What the office looks like determines the comfort, mood and, in consequence, the efficiency of employees. The outward appearance of residential buildings, halls, galleries and other interiors greatly reflects on the daily life of the people who spend their time inside those buildings. No other element of interior design can purify and humidify indoor air and produce oxygen like living plants. We wish to convince the people who are responsible for the look of the space, including property developers and building managers, to appreciate the power of plants and their aesthetic and therapeutic role. If we manage to do this, together we can achieve a lot more.


Individual terms of cooperation


We adopt an individual approach to each client and adjust cooperation terms accordingly. We wish to develop a network of talented and energetic people who can make sure office and commercial space stays green. Our intention is to meet each and every person to discuss our ideas and common values and think how we can change the world for the better. We negotiate individual terms of cooperation with every one of our partners.


What do we guarantee?


It’s years since we started implementing vertical gardens indoors. Our vertical garden designs are always tailored to the interior itself and its users. We try to find the best solutions for each project and we follow the same principle in our business relations. Our company is an experienced and reliable partner with whom you can achieve real and palpable advantages. We can guarantee favourable terms of cooperation according to the highest business standards. We value professionals who know their expectations and seek long-term partnership. We wish to grow and we are looking for individuals who are prepared to grow with us. The sharing of knowledge and experience and the expansion of our network of partners is an essential prerequisite for greening up office, commercial and residential spaces. Let’s bring our surroundings to life!


Contact us


If you wish to help us introduce plants where, in theory, there’s no place for them, contact us. Together we can take on new challenges and projects that will bring us great satisfaction. Interested in working with us? Email us or call us directly at the telephone number indicated in the Contact section. We return each and every call and answer all emails. Don’t hesitate – contact us now!




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