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4Nature System combined with Furniture System

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About us


We are a team of people with passion who believe in the beneficial effect of nature, supported by the latest technology, on people and their surroundings. We have many years of experience in the comprehensive implementation of green walls made of plants and mosses. Our solutions are appreciated for high quality of performance, reliability of solutions and individual approach to every Customer. We have completed over 600 m of vertical gardens, both in Poland and abroad.

In 2018 we joined the Polish Green Building Council (PLGBC), the largest organisation promoting green building and sustainable development in Poland.

We develop our products together with the best specialists in the field of work ergonomics, design, optimal plant cultivation. As a result of cooperation with the Institute of Industrial Design and the Institute of Horticulture, we have created the first of its kind in Poland, proprietary system of 4Nature System modular vertical gardens which is the basis of our green products.

We are currently cooperating with the Polish Green Building Council PLGBC and the Silesian University of Technology on the optimisation of solutions involving vegetation in commercial spaces and the creation of innovative green office furniture based on the 4Nature System and intelligent ICT control system.

Our mission is to bring people closer to nature by means of advanced technology, reliable solutions and a good design. We strongly believe that by combining these elements we care for wellbeing - we have impact on health, work efficiency and satisfaction with life, building optimal work life balance.

We cordially invite you,
Beata Dziedzic





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